Training Services

Professional Dog Training       

Successful dog training is accomplished through hard work and consistency.  As your trainers, we will work with you to design an dog education plan to meet your goals as well as the needs  of each individual dog.  We have extensive experience teaching people how to train and handle their own dogs in real world situations.

To get the most benefit from your investment of time and money, you will need to work with your dog regularly and consistently.   We will help you develop the handling and training skills necessary for successful training.  It is your responsibility to apply them.

Private Training   $250 / 6 lessons

In – Home Training    Starting at $350 / 6 lessons

Private lessons are scheduled Monday – Wednesday – Friday.

Our basic obedience program includes one private lesson each week.   All private training programs are personally designed around you and your dog.  If more intensive instruction is required for serious training problems, we are happy to work with you.  Flexible scheduling is usually no problem.

Young dogs should be socialized with appropriate playmates in a safe, fenced area that allows leashes and training collars to be removed so that the dogs may play freely.

Puppy Kindergarten is a great way to start your new puppy.  Early training can be the key to developing a dog that will be safe, dependable and confident wherever you go.  Emphasis on good social skills and a positive outlook on training are important goals for this course.  Agility for puppies is also included in this program.   New handlers will learn good canine communication and management skills.

Puppy Kindergarten teaches many valuable life skills.


Tackling Big Game

stella meets neyko

Greeting the Boss

Basic Obedience is a good starting point for adult dogs and their owners. Handlers learn to use positive reinforcement while teaching basic commands. Dog safety and good manners are also important parts of this course. Includes introduction to agility.

 Advanced Obedience   Good basic obedience skills on the part of both handler and dog are a prerequisite for this course.  Off leash work, hand signals and resistance to distraction are key parts of advanced training.

This is a program designed specifically to meet  your training goals.  Whether you want to sharpen performance for competition or keep your working dog in top form, this course is for you.

Emphasis is on the skill and techniques of the handler as much as on the dog’s education.


Training Safety

Training Equipment

Safety is always the top priority.  Quality equipment can make the difference between a safe, fun training workout and a disaster.   Every handler should have a 6′ leash and a 20′ – 30′ long line, as well as an effective training collar.

We are open to almost any type of training equipment, provided it is humane and allows you to maintain good control of your dog.   Exceptions: No zip leashes or chain leashes.

All handlers must have the ability to stop their dog in the event the dog has ideas that run contrary to yours or the safety of the dog and others.  Body and facial harnesses are not recommended.

General Handling Rules

Be respectful of personal distance with other dogs.

No off leash activity without instructor approval.

Be weather safe –  Bring water for yourself and your dog.

Always clean up after your dog.

No open toed shoes or sandals on the training field.




 Agility is one of the most popular dog sports in our country today. If you are looking for a great way to have fun and exercise with your dog, this is it!  Watch your dog’s confidence grow as they master the obstacles and learn to run a course.   We offer individual training, giving you the entire agility course to yourself and your dog , as well as the benefit of one on one coaching.  All levels of handlers and dogs are welcome!

Lily shows off her weaving skills

Behavior Consultation $40 for 1 hour session

Is your dog confused about who is in charge of the house?

German Shepherd Puppy sitting on open door of dishwasher

 Individual sessions designed specifically  for you and your dog will help you become the pack leader once again.  Consultations are available at your home or at our facility.

Dog Training For Kids   A great way for kids to have fun with their dog and learn at the same time!                     

Boy and his Dog

Never too early to start! 5 years old and already training with his best buddy.

                        kid agility 2 kid agility 1

Personal Protection

This program is designed to help owners of naturally protective dogs develop a safe, effective family guardian. In order to properly protect your family, the dog must be well trained so he can be with you as much as possible. Learn how to make your dog an even more valuable member of the family.

This is an intensive course, only for dog owners with the desire to develop superior dog handling skills and the commitment to do the work necessary to have a well trained, reliable working dog.