Dog Daycare

Dogs Love Daycare      

Daycare is available Monday – Friday.  Daycare can be a valuable tool for keeping your dog healthy and happy.  Daycare is for you too.  When you just need a day for projects and errands, your dog can enjoy their day with friends at the resort.



Dog Daycare is a great tool for socialization of puppies as well as adult dogs who have limited opportunities for interaction with other canine friends.    meeting the bossTurbo & DeweyDaycare 5


Full Day – $21   Half Day – $15    

3 or more full days per week – $18.50 per day

Requirements for Dog Daycare

Proof of Current Immunizations:    Rabies         Distemper/Parvo           Bordetella

All dogs must be free of internal and external parasites.  We strongly suggest that you check with your veterinarian for a good quality flea and tick preventative.  Your veterinarian will also be able to recommend a program to periodically check for internal parasites and provide treatment if necessary.

In order to be eligible for group play, your dog must be compatible with other dogs.  An initial assessment will be done the first time your dog visits our daycare program.  Dogs that are aggressive or excessively dominant with other dogs will not be accepted for group play.

Intact male dogs sometimes become quite dominant, which makes them not eligible for group play.  This does not mean we don’t like your dog!  It is biologically normal for an intact male dog to be quite dominant with other dogs, especially other males, even if they are neutered.  This is generally not well received and can easily lead to a fight.

If your dog just has no experience playing with other dogs, we are usually able to work them into a play group in a manner that allows them to develop self confidence and trust so that they may enjoy the benefits that come from being part of a dog pack.

Dogs that are unable to play with others may still come to Daycare and will be exercised alone.  You may also arrange for walks, extra one on one play times, or training/exercise programs while your dog is in Daycare.  See Scott or Gail to set up some extra personal time for your best friend.   Minimum charge for Special Attention dogs – $25 per day.

We have 3 large play areas, all grass surface for safe play.  All exercise areas are securely fenced and supervised.  Dogs are allowed to play freely and vigorously.   pool timetwistin by the pool

Dogs coming for a full day of play usually arrive between  7AM and 8AM.  Check in for daycare will be in the main kennel building.   Dogs are exercised twice in the morning, between 8AM and 11AM.

Kennels are used for nap time from 11 AM 1 PM to allow our dedicated staff time for cleaning and lunch.  No pickup or drop-off is available during this time.  This will allow us to keep the pack calm during the rest break.

The format for the afternoon session from 1 PM to 5 PM is the same as the morning session.  Dogs are exercised twice in the afternoon, usually with the same buddies as the AM session.