Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding at Centralia Pet Resort         

Boarding is available for all breeds, 365 days per year.  Our kennel has four separate climate controlled indoor housing areas.   We generally group our guests in different sections by size for safe group exercise outside.  All dogs have individual kennels unless you specifically ask that your dogs live together.  Family dogs living together must be able to eat compatibly.  For dogs that need to be separated for safety at mealtime or to give a slow eater enough time, it will be necessary to reserve 2 kennels.

Boarding Rates

     Dogs   $27 per night / Single    $49 per night / 2 Dogs sharing a kennel                                       Extra-Large $29 per night    2 Dogs  Single Suite   $53 per night                                       2 Dogs Double Suite $58 per night

Intact Males  Add $5 per night

Intact Females  Add $5 per night if your dog comes in season while boarding

Cats  $15 per night   2 cats sharing a double condo – $25 per night

Drop-off and Pickup Times     

Monday – Friday     8 AM – 11AM   or   1PM – 5 PM           

Saturday  8AM – 10AM  or 4PM – 5PM    

Sunday and holidays  8AM – 9AM   or  4PM – 5PM   A $15 charge applies to all arrivals and departures on Sunday or a holiday.

Checkout time is noon.  Your pet is welcome to stay into the afternoon on pickup day if you wish.  Afternoon pickups add $15 per dog.

After hours pickup and drop-off:   $25 minimum charge.    Earliest possible is 6AM and latest is 9PM.  Must be arranged in advance.  

Safety for you and your dog is top priority.  Please use safe, effective equipment that allows you to maintain control of your dog at all times when entering or exiting the kennel.  No retractable leashes, please.  When entering the kennel, always be sure to require your dog to respect the personal space of other people and canines.

Use obedience skills to be sure your dog understands that this is not his home and challenging other visitors cannot be accepted.  If you feel you would like assistance when entering or exiting with your dog, please let us know.  We are happy to help.

Large dogs that are strong enough to drag you must be on some type of training collar that allows you to control your dog when entering the kennel lobby in order to maintain safety for all.  It also allows us to move safely about the kennel with your dog.

We feel the best way to deal with emergencies is to be as prepared as possible.  Therefore, we require an effective emergency contact for all pets left for boarding.  This contact must be able to respond if called.

In the event it becomes necessary to transport your dog to the emergency vet, costs can add up quickly.  Like most emergency facilities, they must prioritize care for the most urgent cases.  This can mean a lengthy wait in the parking lot.  If we must transport a dog to the emergency vet, service charges of $40 per hour start from the time we leave Centralia Pet Resort until we return.  If you provide a contact person who can assume responsibility and transport your dog, this will help control cost.



Reservations and Cancellations          

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all first time boarding clients.  This deposit must be paid at the time the reservation is made.

Advance reservations are helpful, especially around the holidays as kennel space is in high demand.  On the following major holidays, a minimum 2 night stay is required:  Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, and Labor Day.  As we are closed on these days, no pickup or drop-off is available.  All reservations during holidays will require full payment in advance.

Cancellation in advance is also appreciated.  If it is necessary to cancel or change your pet’s reservation, please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice, so that we may have an opportunity to reserve that space for another guest.

We do not overbook. Reservations are made based on information provided by you.  Once your pet is dropped off, we plan for your dog to stay until the scheduled pickup day.  If you choose to pick up your pet early without notice, charges will apply for time used, plus one additional night.  If you need us to care for your pet longer than anticipated, please advise us as soon as possible.

Boarding Requirements

Current immunization records are required for all dog and cats.  We ask that all first time boarding clients e-mail shot records to us ahead of time in case we need to contact you with any concerns regarding your dog’s records.  Please send records to  The reservation for your pet will be confirmed once shot records are received.  If your dog stays with us regularly, please be sure to keep all records up to date.

We realize that many people prefer to give their dogs immunizations themselves. While it is mandated by state law that the rabies vaccination be given only by a licensed veterinarian, the others may be administered by the owner.  If this is your preference, please provide clear and organized records with accurate dates.  Puppy folders with dates and checkmarks will not be accepted.

 Proof of the following immunizations will be needed for your pet’s stay with us:

     Dogs    Rabies   DHPPV / Da2PPV or equivalent      Bordetella  (Kennel Cough)

     Cats      Rabies   FVRCP

Veterinary quality flea/tick preventative is required for all pets.

Feeding Time     

Dogs are fed twice daily.  We can either follow your dog’s usual diet with food from home or introduce your dog to our kennel food. There is a $.75  /cup charge for kennel food.  We recommend sticking with what your dog normally eats at home, provided they like it and are doing well.

If your dog is not doing well on his current food or you just feel the time has come to upgrade to premium nutrition, we would be happy to consult with you. We use Taste of the Wild (R), a grain free, protein rich dry food.   Even picky eaters love this outstanding food and it is a great tool for us to induce a fussy dog to eat.   Warning: Your dog will probably not want you to switch back to the old stuff!

Please bring your pet’s food in a container with a lid.  Plastic bags tend to rip, usually in the driveway, spilling food everywhere.  If you do not bring enough food for your dog’s stay, we will use Taste of the Wild dry food until you return.  You may also arrange to have food delivered.

Special diets are no problem.  We are able to give every pet in our care plenty of  attention and meal time is no exception.

Raw Diet Friendly!!  We feed our personal dog a raw meat diet and we are happy to do the same for your dogs if they are already on a natural diet.  You provide the food and instructions and we do the rest.   Refrigerated food storage is available.


Medical Care  

The health and safety of your pet is a top priority for us.  The boarding agreement contains a section that gives us permission to seek professional veterinary care for your pet if we feel it is necessary.  We will attempt to use your regular veterinarian if possible, if not we will use the veterinary clinic of our choice.

When possible, the charges will be put on your account.  If not, an invoice will be provided at checkout time.  All charges incurred by Centralia Pet Resort for veterinary services for your pet must be paid at checkout time.

Medications that can be given with food or treats are done at no charge.  Ear and eye medications are also given at no charge unless it requires more than one person to apply the medication.  In that case, the fee will be $1 per application.  Situations involving more extensive work such as wound care, bandage changing, or physical rehabilitation exercise will be discussed on an individual basis.

If your dog is on medication, we ask that you supply enough for the planned stay, plus a few extra in case of alterations to your travel plans.  Please bring all medications in the original containers.  If you give the medication on a different schedule than what is indicated on the container, be sure to discuss this in detail at check-in time.

At Centralia Pet Resort, your dog has fun while you are away.  Whether making new friends or getting reacquainted with old buddies, exercise times are one of the highlights of the day. Video of Barnee & Cami playing

We exercise the dogs 3-4 times per day, year round.  As we are located in the Pacific Northwest, your dog will occasionally get the benefit of an all natural rainwater rinse.  For dogs on longer visits, the owner may wish to add extra group play or training.  Boarding dogs may be added to the daycare play group for $7 per day.  See Scott or Gail to set up a schedule for your dog.

Depending on your preference, dogs can be exercised individually, in family groups or integrated into carefully designed play groups.   Special attention is always given to puppies as they learn to get along with other dogs.

Playtime for the big dogs


Boarding Essentials

Many dogs like to play with toys while in their kennel.  Be sure to select very safe and sturdy toys.  Please do not bring rawhide toys or the smoked, plastic wrapped processed bones.  The latter are very brittle and will break in sharp pieces which will cause serious harm if eaten.  If we notice that the toy is being destroyed, we will remove it to prevent the dog from ingesting something that could cause an obstruction or other health issue.

Bedding should be machine washable and moderate in size. No king size quilts, please.  Do not bring foam dog beds.  Each kennel has an elevated bed platform for comfortable sleeping.  Marking your dog’s toys and bedding will help us make sure everything goes home in one trip.


Perks for your Pet

We offer several types of extra activities for your dog during their stay at Centralia Pet Resort.   From quiet, peaceful walks in the park to high energy obedience and agility workouts, we have something for almost every type of dog.

pool time

One on One Playtime

This is especially useful for special needs dogs that are not able to participate in group play.  See Scott or Gail to set up an activities program custom designed for your dog.  We are happy to work with you and your veterinarian on physical rehabilitation after injuries or surgery.  Socialization outings are also available for puppies that need to see more of the world while they are still young.  This is an essential step in raising a sound and confident dog.